Are we being true to ourselves?

Are we being true to ourselves? I can’t help but wonder how often we are being completely true to ourselves and what we believe in. In a society that is covered with social media outlets that spout article after article, television shows that show the glamorous and not so glamourous, and the many different options that can circulate throughout a household or within a school. How often are our opinions influenced by the many opinions around us? It is very difficult not to think differently about certain things when the countless arguments/opinions about the issues are given to you in so many different forms. We are products of our environment, so it is easy to assume that our opinions can be skewed from what we truly feel, to what is expected or just what is easy. One example is political perspectives, which is a big topic in the media right now with the presidential election coming to a head and it is said that 7 in 10 teens say their social and political ideology is about the same as their mom and dad’s. It can also be shown that many teens feel more pressure to attend certain colleges based on where their parents or grandparents attended school. Lastly, our personal image of ourselves can be dramatically altered because of the world of celebrities and what kind of people are being celebrated in our society. So, how many things in our lives are actually all based on our own beliefs? How much is based on influential factors? We need to do a better job of not allowing ourselves to be influenced by others or by the media. It is a hard thing to do seeing as their are influential factors everywhere. It is hard to know for sure how much of ourselves have been influenced by others, but is something to think about the next time you make a decision. If it is truly your decision.img_0667

Are we being true to ourselves?

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