The last couple days I have become increasingly angry and concerned about how much stuff and how many things humans have. That these things have become peoples lives and no matter how hard we try, it is always going to be part of the human existence. Things have become so vital to our lives that many find that they wouldn’t know what to do without their stuff. We collect things in our homes, in our cars, in our technology. We keep boxes and closets packed full of belonging just incase we may need them one day. Or keep books and journals in case we want to remember the past. Some are meaningful, the old pictures that we keep bring in some joy, the old jewelry or clothing that bring you closer to those that have Unknown.jpegbeen lost. Simply knowing that you can snap a picture on the technology that we carry can bring a sense of calm, knowing that you will never forget the moment or the image. Yet these are just things. People collect so many things. Its not always about the things, but the moments. Stuff has become a sort of status symbol and the things have become our homes. It is hard to think of disconnecting from that sort of living, and we don’t need to completely give up our belongings in order to collect the moments. However, decluttering our brains and our spaces, can make room for new moments to be shared and memories to be made.


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